SunSPOT Hardware

You may have reached here from Spots Hardware. will no longer provide access to this information and asked that it be moved. I have archived the open source Sun SPOT design materials from to my blog. I can only host the things that I was administrator for which means the hardware and some firmware.

The SunSPOTs were early IOT (Internet of Things) embedded system which ran Java (2004 to 2011). They were low power ARM9 based system with an 802.15.4 Radio and an interesting assortment of sensors. This was prior to RF modules and prior to creative commons licensing, so the licensing is a bit odd.

The design materials for the different modules are downloadable in .zip compressed file format. The files are organized by folders and contain:

  • BOM – Bill of Materials (.xls format)
  • Gerbers – PC board gerber files (RS274X)
  • Schematics – PC schematics, assembly and fabrication drawings (.pdf format)
  • Design Files – Schematic and PC layout (Altium Designer)
  • LICENSE – All files within this project are covered by BSD license.

Schematics are also provided in pdf format and as a separate download.

MD5 Sums for the zip files above:

ea39f0d42f2811fa6358ff2e654d98ff *
0578155e41a055d716988d6207189d62 *
f9134dc899fad058b8696d389dfd1045 *
8f53b0235b00557166f11265880df684 *
7e0a7c043bc9f6f84112619753a7668d *
7be92d73354e236103849edf113e99d1 *
efc3f61a8c7a7a2bff19c17bf316211b *
e63936368522402d3b52d5719b6e12e2 *
5d24d64ca4a68c055072fb61e31612eb *
3bddb78f2fcab306389eb7cfc49a4ceb *